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Composite Dental Fillings in American Fork, Utah

Dr. Bruce Richards is one of the best for composite dental fillings in American Fork, Utah.

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Composite Dental Fillings in American Fork, Utah

Composite dental fillings use tooth-colored material to restore teeth with cavities and maintain a natural appearance. Once the decay is removed, the tooth is filled with a composite material which is then cured using a specialized light to harden the material. Composite fillings in American Fork, Utah can be completed in one visit.

Identifying and addressing cavities early can prevent the need for more complex and costly dental procedures.  If cavities are found before there has been significant decay, the tooth can be restored with a filling.

Once a tooth has a cavity, the decay will continue to spread unless the decayed area is removed and the tooth is properly restored.  Leaving cavities untreated can lead to the need for more significant restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, root canals, or dental implants.

While metal (amalgam) fillings used to be common, tooth-colored composite material is now the most recommended filling material.  The composite material blends in with the natural tooth and is less noticeable than a metal filling.  The tooth-colored filling is not as affected by heat and cold as the metal fillings, so the patient is less likely to experience temperature-related sensitivity.

Another important reason composite fillings have replaced amalgam fillings is that they do not use mercury, which was present in metal fillings. Many patients are choosing to have their older amalgam fillings replaced with tooth-colored composite dental fillings for this reason.

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With so many dentists out there, it can be hard to know who to trust with your dental care needs. Luckily, Dr. Bruce Richards stands out as a talented Utah dentist who is committed to providing the best quality service to his patients. Whether you need a composite dental filling, dental crown, or other guidance, you can trust that Dr. Richards will take the time to truly understand your needs and provide you with personalized care. Don’t hesitate to reach out to his team for a quote today. Your smile deserves only the best care, and our team is here to deliver it.

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